FeelGood Parenting

Parenting that feels good for you and your family.


Finally understand what's behind your child's behaviour and create a home that feels amazing for everyone.


How’s your relationship with your children? When was the last time you didn’t yell for a day? 

Yes parenting is hard. Each day can feel like groundhog day (and not in a good way!).   

What’s really tough is all the different information out there, let alone having the time or energy to get across it all.  Plus what works with one child may be a disaster with another

 That’s where FeelGood Parenting can help. Finally take a breath in your day and let me guide you to the quickest path of connection with each of your kids again.

Hi, I'm Denise!

I'm a qualified nurse, personal trainer and health and parenting coach with over 20 years' experience working with families.

Given my background, you would think my family life has always been hunky dory, and right now it is pretty fantastic. But I can tell you that wasn’t always the case.

10 years ago I was overwhelmed. It felt like I was juggling a ton of balls in the air, hoping none were going to drop. On top of that, it seemed like my kids weren’t listening to me.

I was complaining, criticising and actually a bit controlling, trying to manage everything. It meant they pulled further and further away from me.

As the determined person I am, I went on the hunt for knowledge. I scoured all the parenting books and YouTube clips, to finally come across and then study an incredible science-backed approach that didn’t propose some one magical cure for both my kids and instead adjusting my way of parenting to fit each of them. 

Today, personalising my parenting is a no-brainer for me. Just like no two children have the same personality, I know every child has different needs. It's been a game changer for my family. I no longer feel like I'm an annoying nagger and my kids really enjoy my company (and I theirs!).

I know many people still struggle to connect with their kids, especially in those tricky teenage years. It really is hard to know what's actually going on underneath the grunting and outbursts.

It’s why I now support parents fulltime in rewiring their parenting. 

Don't worry. I know rewiring sounds like hard work. But I can assure you what you're doing now is A LOT harder.

This approach takes out all the guesswork. It guides you to use your strengths and choose strategies that have a much greater likelihood of success. That means you can stop wasting precious energy questioning yourself all the time (and on those awful fights!). Plus I'm here to support you every step of the way. 


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